northern lights

Your accommodation offers the perfect vantage point to take in the spectacular Aurora Borealis; referred to as the northern lights. All photos below were taken there, by Kristin.

The lakeside viewing across grassland and pine forest provides a vista unaffected by artificial light.

The phenomenon can be witnessed throughout the year on a night of dark clear skies.

The best time to see the lights in action is from mid September to late April.

Being a football fan I watch the evening Champions League games and often when they finish I turn off the TV and house lights to see the Northern Lights shining through the windows!

We also have mobile phone apps that give us warnings when the chance to see the lights is high that evening.

The clear sky can be great for witnessing other celestial phenomena. Here are our photos of the “super wolf blood moon” that happened in January 2019.

A super wolf blood moon combines two events – a supermoon and a total lunar eclipse.

During a total lunar eclipse, the moon glows red, which is how the event gets the ‘blood’ in its name.

A total lunar eclipse occurs when Earth passes between the sun and moon, casting a shadow across the moon.

Super Wolf Blood Moon over Skivsjo – photo by
Super Wolf Blood Moon over Skivsjo – photo by
Super Wolf Blood Moon over Skivsjo – photo by


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