Recent Reviews

Tremendous fishing on a beautiful lake. Regularly caught pike over 1m long and I had my first pike over 20lb! Loved the boat. Thanks Craig.

Ian from England

You have a little piece of paradise here. So peaceful. See you again soon!

Annette, Sweden

Superb for walking and then relaxing watching the lake. You are lucky to live there!

Ulla – Stockholm

I should have brought more photography equipment. I will do next time.

Heleanna – Stockholm

We saw loads of moose, reindeer, Capercaillie, Black Grouse. Next I will return for the northern lights to complete my wish list.

Christine from Spalding, UK

I had a day trip fishing. It rained but I caught a nice pike so I was smiling.

Eric – Stockholm

Take big lures that wiggle…we constantly caught the pike and perch on them. 

Daniel from Blighty but now in Cambodia

This is the place for owls. Awesome experience. We walked with Capercaillie. They are SO BIG. Unforgettable. Thanks.

Z and E from UK

I want to live there. Buy more skidoos! Fish fish fish.

Si and family from Lincolnshire

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