May 2023 Great grey owl watching.

May 2023 Great Grey Owl viewing has started fantastically with Sweden Fishing and Birding.

Here are a couple of photos taken this month.

This particular bird had a distinctive one side brown and the other side grey feathered tail.

This particular owl was enjoyed by us in the forest.

Great Grey Owl photo from May 2023 with Sweden Fishing and Birding.
The same Great Grey Owl as in the photo above, just viewed from behind.

We are also seeing numerous Hazel Hen, Capercaillie (females), Willow Ptarmigan (in transition plumage: brown feathered head and neck with white feathered bodies) and the Black Grouse have begun displaying (lekking).

WE OFFER EVENING Great Grey Owl  viewing tours. Currently around 7:30pm until 10pm.

Email us at 

Please provide your required visit date and the number of people interested.

We also offer on-site accommodation and longer bird watching and fishing trips.

Explore our website at 

The best months for viewing Great Grey Owl with us are May, June and July.

In 2022 we had a 100% success rate for viewing Great Grey Owl on every attempt.

In 2023 we have a 100% success rate for viewing Great Grey Owl, so far!



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