Trail Cameras – our eyes in the forest.

Discreet wildlife cameras placed in our forest offer a chance to find out what is happening in our great outdoors.

Whether, it be for spotting secretive or nocturnal wildlife or helping safeguard a rare nesting bird trail cameras have become an inexpensive addition to our business.

We have just picked up a new one that we look forward to testing in 2023.

Sweden fishing and birding new addition 2023 outdoor trail camera.

This model has really gone to town in mimicking the bark of a tree trunk.

An unwelcome quad bike, out of control dog, hunter or loud snow scooter can soon be caught and photographed when they are up to no good.

Our wildlife is grateful and the plentiful viewing opportunities makes for happy guests.

Female Capercaillie watching. Photograph by Sweden Fishing and Birding.

Welcome to Sweden fishing and birding one hour drive from Umeå in Northern Sweden.



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