Talking to a Hazel Grouse.

The Hazel Grouse is present here all year.

Alas, they have not got the best road sense and are the most likely bird to become road kill!

They are also a sought after tasty treat for a Fox, Lynx or Swede with a gun.

Unsurprisingly, the Hazel Grouse can be timid.

Hazel Grouse/Hen. We use mimic whistles.

We visit various regular Hazel Grouse haunts and mimic some swift peep peeps on our whistles.

The Hazel Grouse is inquisitive. In just a few minutes they pay us a visit. After figuring out no competitor is present they melt back into the forest cover.

In winter, it is nice to use the black plastic whistle. It is not so cold on the lips!

Visit to see how you can meet a Hazel Grouse.


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