Minus 20 degrees centigrade today changing to 1 degree onwards from tomorrow!

Resting place in between wildlife spotting.

Feb 4th 2023 3:30pm minus 15 and a frozen lake.

Cold, calm and sunny here this week switching to above freezing for the next 10 days from tomorrow onwards.

4pm Feb 4th 2023 scouting for wildlife.
Enjoy the silence. Winter 2023 on site with Sweden fishing and birding.
Enjoy the silence. Winter 2023 on site with sweden fishing and birding.


Some wonderful wildlife are here for you to enjoy in Spring 2023.

Black-throated diver breed on the local lakes.
Great Grey Owl – photo taken by sweden fishing and birding on 26th May 2022.
Black Grouse lek viewing with Sweden fishing and birding.
Brown Bear with Sweden fishing and birding. Shy but here!
Ever present Moose.
Tengmalms Owl – photo taken by Swedenfishingandbirding.net on Wednesday May 4th 2022.

We offer 4 nights accommodation, Umeå car airport pick up and drop off plus two 3hr guided day  wildlife tours and two 2.5hr evening owl focused trips. Cost for 4 people is 14 000 SEK. Cost for 3 people is 12 000 SEK.




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