Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve onsite with Sweden Fishing and Birding and it’s a sunny windless minus 8 degrees celsius today. You can see from todays photo we have 35cm of snow on the ground.

Christmas Eve 2022 with Sweden Fishing and Birding.

We have completed the maintenance of our Tengmalms Owl nest boxes. In 2022 the males started calling constantly from December 20th onwards, so we are all ready for this years males to start.

In 2022 one in every four nest boxes held breeding Tengmalms Owl. Plus, we had access to natural breeding holes which produced Tengmalms owlets.

Tengmalm’s owl in a box made by sweden fishing and birding. Photographed in 2022 by swedenfishingandbirding.


Tengmalms – Boreal – Pearl owl in the forest of Northern Sweden. Photo taken in 2022 by Swedenfishingandbirding.


Tengmalm’s owlet from a Sweden fishing and birding nest box in 2022. This particular nest box produced three fledged owlets.

I shall be out in the evenings now listening for Tengmalms Owl. I may be fortunate enough on evenings with a clear sky to enjoy the Northern Lights.

NORTHERN LIGHTS photographed over the forest we own by Sweden fishing and bIrding.


Sweden Fishing and Birding

We had a 100% success rate in seeing Tengmalms Owl at their nest site in 2022 during all of May and June.


Merry Christmas from us at Sweden fishing and birding.





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