FANTASTIC Tengmalm’s owl viewing in 2022.

2022 is a brilliant year for viewing Tengmalm’s owl with us here at sweden fishing and birding.

Some are living in last years Black Woodpecker holes (like the one I photographed below in May 2022).

Tengmalms – Boreal – Pearl owl in the forest of Northern Sweden.

Others, are living in boxes specifically made for their species. Again, another one of my photos taken this year in May is shown below.

Tengmalm’s owl in a box made by sweden fishing and birding.

One of the most quintessential photographs from Swedish wildlife is a Pearl owl peeking out from its home.

A box or a tree?

Owl watching trips are run by sweden fishing and birding near Umeå, Vasterbotten, Northern Sweden.

Contact  for booking.

1 250 SEK per person for an evening guided tour.

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