What have we seen here recently?

Enjoy some of the many photos I have recently taken at Sweden Fishing and Birding this summer. It has been super hot!!

Sweden Fishing and Birding

Woodpecker are very numerous here. These ones used one of our nest boxes.

Great spotted woodpecker.

Sweden Fishing and Birding

We have watched this Black Woodpecker make its nesting hole and raise young.

Good morning.

And here is a fake woodpecker now used here by power companies to deter pecking damage.

Artificial pecker.

Crossbill are entertaining us.

Pair of Crossbill.
Male Crossbill taken July 2021 by Sweden Fishing and Birding.

Everyone loves to watch owls. This pair return every year.

Contact us to see Swedish wildlife.

Pair of Short earred Owl on site with Sweden Fishing and Birding
Easy owl to photograph.

They like resting on our chairs!

Take a break with Sweden Fishing and Birding

A family of young foxes pose for our camera. This little one was confident.

Inquisitive young fox.

Meanwhile, we have seen LOTS of Moose nearby.

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