Helping our Snow Buntings out.

Every year Snow Buntings arrive next to our house, enroute to their breeding grounds further North. This year 11 appeared on March 20th.

They search out food on the ground, homing in on the first areas of grass exposed by the melting snow. Their aim is to lay down fat reserves for their onward journey.

Snow Buntings
The 1st eleven arrivals.

I help the Snow Buntings out by scattering some seed feed and watched as over the next few days their numbers swelled to 24 then 33 then 60!

I fed them and they called their friends.

The next phase was to create a feeding area for the Snow Buntings. They impatiently watched me clearing an area of snow, eager to get on it. You can see them on the ground in the background of the photo.

Snow Buntings waiting on a ridge behind me for the smorgasbord to open.

In no time at all the flock moved in. They stayed for 3 weeks and left us on April 12th 2021.

Feeding time with Sweden Fishing and Birding.

The patch of snow I cleared was just a few metres from the glass room at the back of my house. So I could watch and photograph my visitors whenever I wanted from the warm comfort of home.

Snow Buntings photographed by Sweden Fishing and Birding from our house.

I enjoyed our little white visitors. Their presence signals that the snow will soon be gone.

Next up will be my favourite arrivals. The    Bramblings. They will be here in their hundreds on our doorstep. They are raucous. Squabbling and fighting like Vikings on TV.

Hawks and Buzzards have started to show. The Osprey and Short-earred Owl which arrive like clockwork every year on our land are on their way.

Then thoughts turn to grass not snow and the beauties below entertaining us.

I hope you are lucky enough to visit us and enjoy nature on the move with Sweden Fishing and Birding in this Scandi wildlife paradise.

Watching Siberian Jay with Sweden Fishing and Birding.


Great grey Shrike on the hunt.


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