Reduced deposits now £100 or €100 or 1200SEK.

Due to the current uncertainty for overseas travel we have changed our policy on booking deposits.

We charge a one off non-refundable total fee per booking of £100 or €100 or 1200SEK.

This is per booking NOT per guest.

This is paid at the time of booking.

This deposit covers the cost of the administrative work involved in answering your questions and confirming your booking. Plus, for bird watching groups we send you our 180 species list and prepare for your arrival by setting up feeding stations.

You pay the remaining balance of the cost of your booking in Sweden, when you arrive.

This means that should your trip be cancelled you do not have to seek a refund, because you still have your money!

As additional protection you can be sure it will only be your booking staying on site and guided by us at any one time. We DO Not mix groups of strangers.

The caravan you stay in is thoroughly cleaned after each departure and remains empty for a minimum of 72 hours before the next booking/group arrives. The same applies to the vehicle you are driven in.

We feel that this is the best way to minimise your financial risk and to keep you and us safe.

So, visit Sweden and enjoy life as close as it was before the pandemic compared to countries that initiate lock downs.

Sweden is open and our low population density is our advantage.



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