Hot, sunny and calm. The most difficult pike fishing conditions but he got a personal best!

My Swedish brother in law visited this weekend. With little fishing experience and having caught only tiddlers I promised him a new PB.

We fished in very hot temperatures, clear skies and on a flat calm lake but delivered the goods in the form of this 88cm 4kg pike.

A small one by our standards, but the fight and experience was treasured by him.

The next day I took him down to the Vindeln River, having assured him he would get to see a Brown Trout. Second cast and we got one! A fine Brown Trout was soon being photographed by him.

He did not want to go back to Stockholm!

Double success. I love it when a plan comes together.

Personal best pike with sweden fishing and birding.
Personal best pike with sweden fishing and birding.
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