Not your average holiday momento.

A holiday usually results in the purchase of a momento or keep sake. In Sweden that purchase could be anything from a luxuriant reindeer rug to a fine swedish glass ornament or a replica viking helmet.

More than likely your purchase will be related to the moose. Moose images adorning towels, mugs, drinks coasters etc are prolific. In most villages you will see wooden houses with a few mounted moose antlers attached to them. The bigger sets of moose antlers usually frequent the village hall. The moose will have long since been eaten!

They may not be to everybody’s taste but they do draw a second glance.

Mine came from a nearby house sale. High quality ones are not easy to find and the largest one I saw with 26 prongs (or points or tags as some call them) was from a moose shot in the 1990’s near Umea. It was priced for sale at 5 000 Euros in an Umea antique shop!

Mine has 7 prongs either side. 7 being considered to be a lucky number (not for this moose!).



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